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Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Like many business segments, coworking space experienced its share of economic turmoil during the pandemic. With remote work-from-home arrangements widespread for solopreneurs to large businesses, one would assume that pre-pandemic coworking space growth rates slowed. Leading up to 2020, coworking space was growing at an annual rate of 20%. 

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3 Post-Pandemic Meetings Your Company Should be Hosting

Coming out of the pandemic, a lot has changed, so it will be important for companies to reconnect with their employees to give them an idea about what to expect in the future. COVID created a whole new list of policies and protocols designed to keep workers safe from the virus, even as they remained productive.

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How to Run a Board Meeting Efficiently

When a board meeting operates well, the participants contribute equally, are engaged and leave feeling energized. But running an effective meeting doesn't happen by accident. This occurs when members are prepared ahead of time, understand their roles and contribute in between meetings. Here are a few simple tips for how to run a board meeting efficiently and effectively.

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How to Work from Anywhere [Tips & Tricks]

Over the past year and a half during the pandemic, millions of business professionals finetuned their work-from-home skills. While a small percentage of them were already working from home—at least some of the time—the majority had not done so. Most went from permanent workspaces to work from home overnight. 

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Why Big Corporations Are Moving into Coworking Spaces

Before the pandemic hit, businesses of all shapes and sizes were adopting coworking space. And while many believe coworking space is solely a phenomenon for solopreneurs and small businesses, the data shows that isn’t necessarily the case. Over one-third of workers in coworking space are corporate workers. 14% of corporate workers use coworking space regularly. Nearly a half of corporate workers indicate they would consider working from a coworking space nearer to their home provided by their company a few days a week—versus a permanent office location. 

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